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Funded by The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering

We design, manufacture, and deliver new tools to the biomedical community that utilize liquid biopsies for disease detection and management.

Our Vision & Mission

What is Precision Medicine?

The "Precision Medicine" initiative was announced by President Obama in his 2016 State of the Union address.

The initiative aims to shift away from a generic treatment approach to customizing medications for individuals. This tailored approach ensures that patients receive the most effective and safe treatments by targeting the specific characteristics of their illness. 

CBM2 is contributing to the Precision Medicine initiative by developing advanced tools that can rapidly deliver crucial diagnostic and prognostic information, overcoming current testing limitations.

As President Obama envisioned, this initiative strives to deliver "the right treatment at the right time."


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Plastics Engineering

Design and fabricate microfluidic and nanofluidic devices in thermoplastics.​

Learn about plastics engineering
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Liquid Biopsy Analysis

Highly efficient isolation and molecular analysis (CTCs, EVs, cfDNA).

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CBM² Stories

Soper Lab and CBM2 Members Publish New Research in the Royal Society of Chemistry Journal

Members of the Soper lab and CBM² have published a new article in the Royal Society of Chemistry's journal, Lab on a Chip.

Three New Articles from Prof. Godwin Published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology

Prof. Andrew Godwin, PhD had three new articles published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology this month in a series of investigations related to breast cancer treatment.

Student with Sunggook Park's Group Honored as Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher

LSU Student Corinne Martin was honored at the Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher ceremony for her work with CMB²'s Dr. Sunggook Park. Martin's qualifying project was titled "Nanoscale Control over the Pore Size for PEGDA In-Plane Nanopore Devices by a Pressure Jig."

CBM2's Webinar Draws 99 Enthusiastic Participants

Following the insightful webinar on "Liquid Gold in Precision Medicine: Liquid-Based Biopsies for Cancer Detection and Monitoring," hosted by the Center of BioModular Multi-Scale Systems for Precision Medicine (CBM2), the ripple effect of knowledge spread far and wide.

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Neon-colored interconnected bio-structures in elongated hexagonal patterns. Representing BioModular Multi-Scale Systems for Precision Medicine

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The Center is excited to accept requests for collaboration projects with researchers in the biomedical and microfluidics community.

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