1. Nanofluidic analytical devices and methods of using thereof

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    Status: Published, Status Pending
  2. Biomarkers for predicting risk of acute ischemic stroke and methods of use thereof

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    Inventors: Alison E. Baird, Mateusz Adamski, Steven A. Soper
    Date: November 2021
    Status: Published, Status Pending
  3. Photocleavable linker for catching and/or releasing of circulating tumor cells or extra cellular vesicles

    Patent: US20220056002A1
    Inventors: Steven A. Soper, Blake R. Peterson, Richard S. Givens
    Date: February 2022
    Status: Published, Status Pending
  4. Photocleavable linker for catching and/or releasing of circulating tumor cells or extracellular vesicles

    Patent: KU 62784003
    Inventors: Steven A. Soper, Blake R. Peterson, Richard S. Givens
    Date: Patent will be filed in December 2019
  5. Robust, Transparent, Superhydrophobic Films for Polymer Surfaces

    Patent: LSU-2018-052
    Inventors: Xiaoxiao Zhao, Daniel S. Park, Michael C. Murphy
    Date: Provisional patent filed in 2019
  6. Method for identification and enumeration of nucleic acid sequences, expression, splice variant, translocation, copy, or dna methylation changes using combined nuclease, ligase, polymerase, terminal transferase, and sequencing reactions

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