Commercialization of CBM2 Technology


A close-up of two cylindrical objects with textured tops, tinted in shades of blue.BioFluidica is bringing to market a novel solution for Circulating Tumor Cell, CTC, analysis. CTCs are an exciting new cancer biomarker that can be secured from a simple blood draw and used to manage a variety of cancer-related diseases. CTCs can be used to determine a patient's response to therapy, which therapy is best for a particular patient, personalized medicine, and disease recurrence. BioFluidica, with funding from the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, and the global diagnostic company Roche, has developed a technology platform for processing whole blood and searching for CTCs with high recovery, throughput and purity creating new paradigms for CTC use in cancer disease management. With the high sensitivity of BioFluidica's platform, the potential for early detection of cancer from a blood draw is possible.

BioFluidica's new technology will allow researchers and clinicians to better track disease progression and develop personalized therapies for those suffering from a variety of cancer-related diseases. Our system architecture detects and counts extremely rare CTCs from whole blood in a dramatically faster, less expensive and more accurate fashion compared to other CTC tests. We are developing molecular analysis technologies that can be seamlessly integrated to our CTC capture chip to provide the research and medical communities with all the necessary elements for cancer diagnosis and treatment.


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Coferon, Inc

Coferon, Inc. is a privately owned company that was founded in 2009 to reduce to practice the concept of self-assembling "coferons" pioneered by the Company's three academic founders, Dr. Francis Barany and Dr. Maneesh Pingle at Weill-Cornell Medical College, and Dr. Don Bergstrom at Purdue University. We seek to combine the best attributes of large biomolecule therapeutics with those of classic small molecule drugs by utilizing our proprietary bioorthogonal linker chemistry.


This technology enables the delivery of large molecular assemblies in component parts that are designed to self assemble on the target inside the cell, creating therapeutic molecules with enhanced size, potency and selectivity. The Company is based at the Long Island High Tech Incubator on the campus of Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York.


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Acuamark Diagnostics, Inc.

Acuamark Diagnostics, Inc. is focused on developing first-in-kind tests to more accurately detect early-stage cancer from blood, when it can be cured. AcuamarkDx’s first product in development is an early detection test for colorectal cancer, followed by an early detection pan-oncology test for early detection of the majority of cancers.


AcuamarkDx’s novel and unique technology is designed to detect cancer in its early stages from blood. It acts as an early warning signal and accurately identify early-stage cancer through a non-invasive screening method that is convenient and accessible to all. When developed, this blood-based early-cancer screening test will be available during the annual medical check-up at the general practitioner’s office, retail clinics, etc. The technology is designed to detect cancer earlier when it is more easily treated and when cure rates are high. An accurate and accessible screening test for early-stage cancer will avoid unnecessary advanced diagnostic procedures and allow for earlier use of advanced diagnostic technologies for those who truly need them.