Biotech Startup 2019

'BIOTECH STARTUP SCHOOL at KU 2019' banner. Hands holding a glowing light bulb with text 'Dinner provided for all participants'

Biotech Startup School@KU 2019

Health Education Building (HEB) Classroom 2110
2160 W 39th Ave Kansas City, KS 66160
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Biotech Startup School 2019 will help you understand more about the commercial potential of your work by leading you through the following discussion points:

January 8: Identify the Potential Commercial Application via Value Proposition Analysis

Learn to quickly and accurately determine who is a critical decision maker for the commercial acceptance of your invention, how to best define the problem your invention addresses and the unique solution you provide and the next steps to confirm those hypotheses.

January 15: Identifying Your Competitive Leverage

We’ll work with you through topics such as: assessment of the competitive landscape, strengths and weaknesses of the competition, identification of any barriers to entry presented by their capabilities, pricing and positioning of each major competitor, finally thinking points of competitive leverage of the team’s innovation vs. existing competition.

January 22: Intellectual Property Position and Strategy

We’ll provide you with step by step directions to protect the commercial value of your invention.

January 31: Regulatory Pathway and Reimbursement

Successfully negotiating the morass of regulations and testing requirements takes specialized skills. We’ll show you how to do this with minimum expense, time, and effort expended.

February 7: Revenue Model

Realizing your invention’s true commercial value typically requires successful licensing of the invention’s patent or trade secret. We’ll show you how to identify the best licensing prospects and the most advantageous licensing terms to maximize the financial returns for your invention.

February 12: NIH SBIR/STTR Program

We’ll provide you with an understanding of why you should consider an SBIR/STTR funding strategy, what the SBIR/STTR program is about, and understanding of requirements that will help you evaluate whether you are ready to submit a proposal for this funding mechanism.