2020 Publications

Extracellular Vesicle (EV) Isolation References

  1. Microfluidic Enrichment of Extracellular Vesicles for Diagnosing Ischemic Stroke, H. N. K. Wijerathne, M. W. Witek, J. M. Jackson, A. E. Baird, and S. A. SoperNature Communications – Biology (2020, manuscript under review).
  2. Microfluidic Affinity Purification Chip for the Enrichment of Cancer-Associated Exosomes, V. Brown, J.M. Jackson, M.W. Witek, A. K. Godwin, and S.A. SoperLOC (2020, manuscript under review).

Plastic Fabrication

  1. Open tubular nanoelectrochromatography (OT — NEC): gel — free separation of single stranded DNAs (ssDNAs) in thermoplastic nanochannels, C. A. Amarasekara, U. S. Athapattu, C. Rathnayaka, J. Choi, S. Park, and Steven A. Soper, Electrophoresis 41 (2020) doi.org/10.1002/elps.202000109.
  2. Micro-Coulter Counter for Enumerating Enriched Circulating Tumor Cells, K. Ratnayaka, M.J. Hu, K. Cong, and S. A. Soper, Analyst (2020).