Microfluidics Workshop 2019

How to Make It and Use It Workshop 2019

Group of diverse individuals standing in a laboratory setting, with some holding equipment. The background shows lab benches, computers, and various scientific apparatus.

University of Kansas, Lawrence · August 7-9, 2019

The fourth annual “How to Make It and Use It” workshop was held on the University of Kansas campus August 7-9, 2019 in the Integrated Science Building. Workshop participants got to tour the newly-opened KU Nanofabrication Facility clean room, listen to lectures on microfluidics in the mornings, and had a hands-on laboratory experience in the afternoons.

Topics on “How to Make It” included patterning microstructures using micromilling, optical lithography, wet and dry etching, and nanopatterning with FIB and EBL; replication methods such as PDMS casting, hot embossing, injection molding, and nanoimprint lithography; and designing a microfluidic for a targeted application, such as counting cells using a Coulter Counter. Lectures on “How to Use It” included topics such as different materials for microfluidics; metrology; designing a microfluidic with modeling and simulation, and other design specifics; and microfluidics in commercial applications. An evening reception was held August 8th at the Adams Alumni Center, where Prof. Andrew Godwin, Deputy Director of the KU Cancer Center, gave a captivating lecture titled, “Precision Medicine Requires Precise Tools.”

Those who participated in the hands-on laboratory could hot emboss a microfluidic chip and then pattern electrodes onto and assemble chips for the Friday morning experiment. In the experiment, the participants fabricated a micro-Coulter Counter to detect particles, and determine their concentration and size.

Workshop lectures were given by Prof. Steven Soper (KU), Prof. Sunggook Park (LSU), Prof. Michael Murphy (LSU), Dr. Matt Jackson (KU), Dr. Matt Hupert (BioFluidica, Inc.), and Dr. Maggie Witek (KU). Participants joined the workshop from the University of Kansas, the KU Medical Center, Children’s Mercy Hospital, St. Louis University, Kansas State University, the University of North Carolina, Arizona State University, and Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST).

Please follow the links below to view photos, slides, and Zoom recordings from the workshop.