2022 Publications

1. Rathnayaka C, Amarasekara CA, Akabirov K, Murphy MC, Park S, Witek MA, Soper SA. Nanofluidic devices for the separation of biomolecules. J Chromatogr A. 2022 Nov 8;1683:463539. 

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3. Gamage SST, Pahattuge TN, Wijerathne H, Childers K, Vaidyanathan S, Athapattu US, Zhang L, Zhao Z, Hupert ML, Muller RM, Muller-Cohn J, Dickerson J, Dufek D, Geisbrecht BV, Pathak H, Pessetto Z, Gan GN, Choi J, Park S, Godwin AK, Witek MA, Soper SA. Microfluidic affinity selection of active SARS-CoV-2 virus particles. Sci Adv. 2022 Sep 30;8(39):eabn9665. 

4. Vaidyanathan S, Gamage S, Dathathreya K, Kryk R, Manoharan A, Zhao Z, Zhang L, Choi J, Park D, Park S, Soper SA. Fluidic operation of a polymer-based nanosensor chip for analysing single molecules. Flow (Camb). 2022;2:E14. 

5. Zhao Z, Vaidyanathan S, Bhanja P, Gamage S, Saha S, McKinney C, Choi J, Park S, Pahattuge T, Wijerathne H, Jackson JM, Huppert ML, Witek MA, Soper SA. In-plane Extended Nano-coulter Counter (XnCC) for the Label-free Electrical Detection of Biological Particles. Electroanalysis. 2022 Dec;34(12):1961-1975.