2016 Publications

Rare Cell Isolation References

  1. Detection of Minimum Residual Disease in Acute Myeloid Leukemia using Integrated Microfluidic Systems, J.M. Jackson, J. Taylor, S.A. Hunsucker, P.A. Armistead and S.A. Soper, Analyst 141 (2016) 640-651.
  2. Improved Clinical Sensitivity Detection of Circulating Tumor Cell Assays using a Dual Selection Strategy in Women with Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, W. Wysham, M. Witek, S.A. Soper, P. Gehrigh, J. Stine and V. Bae-Jump, Gynecologic Oncology, 141 (2016) 138-139.

Plastic Fabrication

  1. Characterizing Surface Functional Group Density for O2 Plasma and UV/O3 Activated Thermoplastics using Superresolution Microscopy, C.E. O’Neil, J.M. Jackson, S.H. Shim and S.A. Soper, Analytical Chemistry 88 (2016) 3686-3696.
  2. Characterization of Activated Cyclic Olefin Copolymer: Effects of Ethylene/Norbornene Content on the Physiochemical Properties. C.E. O’Neil, S. Taylor, K. Ratnayake, S. Pullagurla, V. Singh and S.A. Soper, Analyst 141 (2016) 6521-6532.