2018 Publications

Rare Cell Isolation References

  1. Isolation of Circulating Plasma Cells from Blood of Patients Diagnosed with Clonal Plasma Cell Disorder using Cell Selection Microfluidics, S.A. Soper, J. Kamande, M. Lindell, M. Witek and P. Voorhees, Integr. Biol. 10 (2018) 82 – 91.

Cell Free DNA (cfDNA), genomic DNA and RNA Isolation References

  1. Microfluidic-based Solid Phase Extraction of Cell Free DNA, C. D.M. Campos, S. S. T. Gamage, J. M. Jackson, M. A. Witek, D. S. Park, M. C. Murphy,  A. K. Godwin, and S. A. SoperLab on a Chip 18 (2018) 3459-3470.