Prof. Park Gives Talk at NanoKorea 2019

Prof. Sunggook Park Gives Invited Talk at NanoKorea 2019

Sunggook Park image

Sunggook Park

Prof. Sunggook Park, CBM2 faculty member from Louisiana State University, gave an invited talk at the 17th International Nanotech Symposium & Exhibition (NanoKorea 2019) in Ilsan, Korea, July 3-5, 2019. His July 5th presentation was titled “Plastic Nanofluidic Devices: Fabrication and Electrokinetics of Single Molecules.”

Nanofluidic devices have received great attention as platforms to manipulate and identify biological samples taking of advantage their sizes comparable to those of the biological samples to be interrogated. In particular, nanopore- and nanochannel-based nanofluidic devices are recognized as a platform for next generation sequencing without requiring fluorescence labeling of biomolecules. However, the requirement of high-end nanofabrication tools such as electron beam lithography and focused ion beam milling in their fabrication often prevents nanofluidic devices from being adopted in the area of precision medicine where the ability to obtain huge genomic data is critical.

This talk focused on high rate fabrication strategies for polymer nanofluidic devices and also presented electrokinetic behavior of biomolecules in the nanoconfined regions in different polymeric materials, which is critical to the determination of operation conditions for un-interrupted molecular translocation through the devices. This work is a part of the effort from the NIH Center for BioModular Multiscale Systems for Precision Medicine (CBM2) where the center goal is to design, produce and deliver to the medical community mixed-scale tools for analyzing circulating biomarkers for disease management for precision medicine.