Liquid Biopsy and its Evolving Role in Precision Medicine – an Interview with Prof. Steven Soper

Steve Soper
Dr. Steven Soper

In the Soper lab, researchers are developing microfluidic devices out of plastics for the analysis of liquid biopsy markers. They hope that the plastic format will allow for high-scale production at low cost to enable implementation into the clinic. On behalf of Diagnostics World News, Emily Le, a conference producer at Cambridge Healthtech Institute, spoke with Prof. Steven Soper about the history of liquid biomarkers, the role they play in precision medicine, and the challenges ahead for companion diagnostic development. 

Prof. Soper will be giving a keynote presentation titled “Precision Medicine Using Liquid Biopsies: A New Paradigm for Managing Cancer Diseases” at the Next Generation Dx Summit, August 20-22, 2019 in Washington, D.C., hosted by the Cambridge Healthtech Institue. 

Read the full interview with Prof. Steven Soper and Emily Le at http://www.diagnosticsworldnews.com/2019/06/03/liquid-biopsy-and-its-evolving-role-in-precision-medicine.aspx.

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