Prof. Soper Gives Keynote Talks at International Liquid Biopsy Conferences

Prof. Soper
Prof. Soper gives keynote.

Prof. Steven Soper, Director of CBM2 was an invited Keynote speaker at the SelectBio Exosomes and Liquid Biopsies Asia Conference in Taipei, Taiwan and the Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) Liquid Biopsy Summit in San Francisco, CA.

The title of his keynote address in San Francisco was, “New Tools for Liquid Biopsies: Microfluidic Platforms for the Isolation of CTCs, cfDNA and Exosomes,” while the talk in Taiwan was entitled, “New Tools for Liquid Biopsies to Enable Precision Medicine.” In both talks, Prof. Soper discussed new microfluidic tools the Center has developed for the isolation of circulating tumor cells, extracellular vesicles and cell free DNA. In addition, the ability to secure molecular information from these circulating markers was discussed as well. Prof. Soper also gave a short course at the Taiwan conference on the use of microfluidics for the analysis of liquid biopsy markers. Visit this link to view these slides.