Soper Lab Hosts REU Student for Summer 2019

Zhen Jia
Phasin Gonzalez

The Soper Research Lab at KU hosted an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) student for the summer 2019, Mr. Phasin Gonzalez, a biochemistry major from Stetson University. Phasin studied under the mentorship of Dr. Steven Soper and graduate student Ian Freed, with a research project titled, “The Microfluidic Affinity Selection and Electrical Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells in Blood Samples from Metastatic Cancer Patients Enrolled in Clinical Trials.”

After returning to his home institution at the end of the summer, Phasin was interviewed by Stetson University Today for an article about his experience at KU. The interview can be found here

The University of Kansas REU program is in its 31st year. Thirteen students from around the country, one from Ireland, and five from KU were supported by NSF grants to participate in the REU program, where they participated in career enhancement and educational activities that encourage and prepare them for graduate studies and careers in emerging and interdisciplinary areas of the chemical sciences. Students develop important skills for the oral and written presentation of their research accomplishments, and are encouraged to present their REU outcomes at national or regional scientific meetings.

Each participant in the KU Chemistry REU Program receives a competitive stipend plus full room and board and a travel allowance, a total value of approximately $8800.